What is Companion Dog Working Trial?

Companion Dog (CD) is the first test of the “Working trials classic” competitions.
It demonstrates the usefulness of the dog as a human companion.

The test comprises of 3 groups adding up to 100marks

GROUP 1: Control (65 marks)
1) Heel on lead, this is a short heel pattern, a relaxed walk with the dog by the handler’s left side passing a group of people or through a gate, passing a barking dog or any minor distraction.
2) Heel off lead - same as for on lead.
3) Recall to handler: novice obedience recall to front position, followed by the “finish”
4) Retrieve Dumbbell.
5) Send away - The dog is sent approximately 20m to a marker or object designated by the judge, downed and then recalled.
6) Down Stay 10mins out of sight.

GROUP 2: Agility (20 marks)

1) A-frame - at 1.6m - the dog must go over and stay in any position on the other side, the handler is commanded forward by the steward and will be instructed to call the dog to heel, as in an obedience A-level recall.

2) High jump – at 70cm – the dog must clear the jump and wait on the other side for the handler to return to his side.

3) Long jump – at 1.4m long - the dog must clear the jump and await the handler

GROUP 3: Search (15 marks)

Elementary search within a demarcated area of 15mX15m. The handler is given an article to scent for a minute. The article is placed in the area without the handler or dog watching, the handler is not allowed into the area but must send the dog in to find the article within 2 minutes.
To qualify, the dog must pass each section and achieve an overall score of 80% or more. The minimum required for the control section is 46/65, for agility 14/20 and for the search 11/15.

CD is a title which can be added to a dog’s registration. If the dog qualifies with 90% and over they qualify as CD Excellent.

CD is usually less formal than obedience competition (although precision is still expected and dogs are marked down for skew sits etc.) and is often held on a farm or other rugged landscape to show the dog’s ability to work in a normal environment. It is hard work to prepare for, but a lot of fun to enter.

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