The Rottweiler is a breed that is happiest when working as a partner to his owner. The Cape Rottweiler Club offers a number of training activities for you and your dog to enjoy and, if you so
wish, to proceed to competition.

Early socialization and obedience training are a must for Rottweilers as the breed is large, powerful and versatile and, when trained, can learn and do almost anything. The well-trained Rottweiler is a confident and courageous dog and makes a wonderful family guardian.

With the exception of show days and very rainy days, the Cape Rottweiler Club trains every Sunday at our training grounds located at the Chukker Road Sports Complex on the Corner of Wetton and Chukker Roads, Lansdowne.

Training Schedule from January 2017:

  • 08h30 Competition obedience
  • 09h30 Puppy class
  • 10h15 Home obedience


  • Shaheem Effendi - Home obedience
  • Gerry Wade - Competition Obedience
  • Taryn Blyth - Home Obedience
  • Cherie Beedles - Puppy Class
  • Osman Damon - Newcomers

Shaheem and Osman are both actively involved in the breeding of Rottweilers and regularly participate with great success in breed shows.Gerry Wade has competed regularly with her 2 GSD’s and her Aussie Shepherd in many of the canine disciplines from obedience, working trials, IPO and dog jumping. Taryn is a qualified animal behaviourist (CAPBT SA) who is currently training her two younger Rotties for competition obedience, Rally Free and working trials.

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